(Simon Williams)

View my work at Studio3 gallery in Clevedon, Somerset.

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Solo Exhibition 

August 10th-23rd 2021 

The Arts Quarter, Cheddar, Somerset 

Open daily 10-3, Sundays 11-3

Vintage Photography
Using 100-year old cameras

I am an artist-photographer, formerly a science teacher and a church minister, living and working in Weston Super Mare.

The speed and ease with which we can now take photographs is amazing - but in the haste we can lose the pleasure and mindfulness that a slower form of the process can offer. Taking a stand against the relentless drive for ever more MEGA-images that are becoming more “real” than reality, this work celebrates the imperfections of a more basic process. With no batteries or micro-chips these cameras can be used to create evocative images that invite the viewer into them. Pristinely clear images from our modern cameras and phones can be scanned, appraised - re-tweeted or ignored and then forgotten, but an image that draws you to explore, think, imagine - can create and deposit something of value in us, that will last.

I hope I carry some of this ethos across to my digital work - much of which is landscapes and nature. The motivation is share the awe and wonder I find in these subjects, believing that through that they point to their creator.

On this website I share some pf the techniques I have learned, the equipment I use and the fine art photography images I have made. Images are for sale to enquire use the contact form.