Bristol with X-Ray Film

Bristol teasels
Clifton Suspension Bridge_XRayFilm_1042.
Bristol teasels
Clifton Suspension Bridge_XRayFilm_1041.
Clifton Suspension Bridge - flight of gu
Bristol Graffiti_XRayFilm_1046

Sunday morning was a good time to visit the Cumberland Basin, park up the VW Camper (mobile darkroom) and try a few images of the Clifton Suspension Bridge with my new X-Ray film. I'm still trying to establish a good ball-park value for its ISO on a sunny day and I have a refurbished Thornton Pickard roller shutter of uncertain speed. Two variables of the exposure triangle are uncertain - makes for a tricky morning's shooting. Results were variable but I have some images I was hoping for and a couple unexpected ones. I reckon ISO 80-100 for the Agfa NR100 film and the shutter is running at 1/60th sec.

Good to meet artist-painter rbandart at this location and enjoy a chat whilst we worked. Check out his Instagram feed for images and videos of his En Plein Air work.