Fine art photography on glass plates using the contact printing process of images made  with antique cameras, vintage cameras and DIY cameras with alternative processes.

Prints on Glass

The previously described cyanotype processes can be applied to a layer of cyanotype gelatine on glass.


I dissolve 20g of gelatine in 200ml cyanotype solution. Once made the jelly that results is stored in a black plastic bag in my refrigerator.  


To apply this to glass I warm the gelatine in water (I use an old slow-cooker) and then, with a syringe take 3 ml or so to squirt gently onto the glass. Once coated (collodion style) I stand the plate up in a rack to drain. This does result in some unevenness - but this is better than having too thick a layer of gelatine on the plate.


The plate is then exposed and developed and toned as with paper.