"Junior" Sanderson 


f8,Hobson Taylor Cooke, iris diaphragm to f45. Marked 7 x 5.




Polished mahogany, finger joints, brass fittings. Black, square cornered, leather bellows.




6 ½" x 4 ¾" plates held in double dark-slides.




Bellows to 2' 10". Double extension, rack and pinion movement to inner frame.




Plumb bob. Removable lens panel.




Square cornered bellows. One wooden front strut. Early type bolts to front standard. Short strut to lock front struts. Curved rear strut.




Rising front, tilting front, tilting back.



Serial Number: 





circa 1903




The Junior was the cheapest model in the 'Popular' range of Sanderson cameras. It differed from the Regular in not having independent rising front, that is, the whole front standard had to be raised. On the Regular model the front standard could be clamped to the four front struts with a small degree of rise still being possible on the lens panel. The junior was only made in the half-plate size. Several lenses were available as standard, a Thornton Pickard roller-blind shutter came with the camera.

Thornton Pickard Imperial on the left -Junior Sanderson on the right.jpg