Fine art photography on photographic paper using the contact printing process of images made with antique cameras, vintage cameras and DIY cameras.

Paper prints

Silver Gelatine - Paper - Prints


This is the usual photograph we are familiar with. Using a paper backing to carry a gelatine layer, light sensitive chemicals are infused into the gelatine. With limited exposure to light an invisible (latent) image is formed on the paper. Treatment with chemicals is needed to develop the latent image into one that becomes visible to the eye. This image is made up of darker and lighter areas. Darker where light has fallen most intensely and lightest where no light has fallen at all. Shining light through a negative film onto the paper will produce a positive image - one where the light areas of the scene are light and the dark areas dark.


I use the light from a normal darkroom enlarger as this gives me great control over, and reproducibility of, light colour and intensity.