• Simon Williams

A day of experimenting

Having read of an intense black pigment for linocut printing called Bideford Black – I set out to find it. My quest came out in conversation with a colleague working on exam board moderation. It just so happened that she lived in nearby Appledore and her husband, a talented painter, knew of and used Bideford Black. So last week we set off for Bideford and were taken on a two mile hike out if Westward Ho! to locate and collect the raw material – a form of coal.

Today I set about grinding it up and trying a first print or two. Using coffee grinder and mortar and pestle I produced a fine powder which I then mixed with boiled linseed oil using a glass muller.

I am encouraged with the results – considering the powder has not been refined or finely sieved.

First prints on some Japanese paper too.

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