• Simon Williams

A perfect marriage?

Pleased to have successfully “married” my Dallmeyer 8″ (f2.9-11) to a, recently acquired, Thornton Pickard Imperial (Full Plate). I have had to make a gravity shutter as the lens is too big for any of my TP roller shutters. This runs at 1/30s quite reliably. Photo is a paper negative at F 2.9 (developed in Photoshop).

Using f2.9 the depth of field was very small. So small that a movement of 2mm on the paper negative put the focus out as compared to what is seen on the glass screen. The double dark slide which holds the paper negative has a divider with springs to push the negative (glass plate originally) flat. However on the paper it pushed the centre forward and out of the plane of focus – even with thick card backing the paper. So I removed the plate with springs and now the paper sits on the focal plane.

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