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Cattle Egrets on Somerset Levels

#cattleegret walking amongst the cows on the Somerset Levels near Catcott.

I had heard for some time that Cattle egrets were present now on the Somerset Levels, along with little Egrets and Great White Egrets, but I hadn’t seen them – until today. Driving towards the hide on Catcott Lows I glimpsed something very white flying near some cows. I reversed the car back up the road, parked in a layby and went to investigate – there they were 16 Cattle Egrets – smaller than other egrets and with a thick yellow beak – and living up to their name – walking amongst the cattle.

I took some shots with my #Fuji #X-H1 and 400mm lens with 1.4 extender. I still can’t get the best out of this set up yet. The depth of field is so shallow and the focussing a challenge – still a few shots were reasonably in focus – I thought I had the shutter on 1/1000s but it was only 1/500 so the shots of the birds in flight are blurred by the motion of the birds, one of which was carrying a vole (type thing) it had caught.

Very pleased to have got my first sighting of UK Cattle Egrets and to have a few pics – still need to return to get some better ones.

Cattle Egrets on Somerset Levels-0135
Cattle Egrets on Somerset Levels-0125
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