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Lockdown learning - Wetplate Collodion

Updated: Feb 7

This is one good thing to have come out of lockdown for me - It gave me the time to research and then steadily work through my misunderstandings of the process of Wetplate Collodion (Ambrotype) and practical mistakes to get to a (nearly) clean and clear image. It has so much more atmosphere than the digital and you can hold the finished result in your hand!

It took dozens of attempts before I made a glass plate photograph that I planned. Still not perfect - but I know what is needed to correct the technical imperfections.

Some of the more useful online resources I have used are listed here:

Wetplate Collodion-Unblinking Eye

A visual guide for beginners to making a tintype photograph

Rikard Österlund's Guide to Wet Plate Collodion - The Intrepid Camera Company

John Coffer, Quinn Jacobson.

Wet Plate – Collodion – An Introduction | A photographer Living in France

Attila Pasek workshops

Tintypes and keeping your Silver Bath happy – The Analogue Laboratory

Alex Timmermans Collodion Ambrotype wet plate Photography

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