• Simon Williams

Looking to the stars with an old eye

I love making star-trail images with my DSLR, but wanted to see what I could achieve with my 100 year old camera (Thornton Pickard Imperial 8.5×6.5)and 80 year old lens (Dallmeyer Pentac F11).  Two nights ago I tried a paper negative exposed for 1 hr – but only a few of the brightest stars in Ursa major left any mark on the paper – even with the lens wide open at f2.9. So last night I used some Fomopan 100ISo film I had.

Here is the result – which I am pretty pleased with.

TP-DallmeyerF2-9_8x6-startTrail-as shot-1

Enhanced and inverted to a positive in Photoshop I got this.


This is what I get with my Fuji mirrorless cameras set to take an image for 15s every 30s for 190 minutes (until the battery runs out).

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