• Simon Williams

Mastering Exposure – Vintage Camera

Very pleased with exposure of paper negatives today. (Images here have been inverted in photoshop from a scan of the paper negatives) Using ISO 6 and metering off an 18% grey card on a bright sunny afternoon, I achieved perfect exposure for my driftwood photos. F64 at 4seconds. I forgot to turn the plate holder around when photographing the lighthouse in close-up so had a double exposure – I’ll have to go back and try again. The first image of the afternoon I took was metered on the assumption the paper was ISO 25 so was under exposed. But now I do feel I understand what I am doing. It helped that I was able to set up a mini darkroom in my VW T5 Camper – with the curtains drawn and working  in the cupboard with a safelight powered off an inverter connected to the leisure battery – I was able to develop a few paper negatives to check I was getting the exposure correct and then go back and take these images with a bit more confidence in the metering.

Metering was done on my iphone using the app “Lux”.

burnham low lighthouse-wp
burnham driftwood-2
burnham driftwood-1
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