• Simon Williams

“New” Camera!

A good find on E-bay this “Boots” the chemist half-plate camera ( #platecamera ) arrived a week ago and I have been gradually accumulating the accessories needed to make some prints. The camera has now been cleaned and checked. It didn’t come with any plate holders, so whilst waiting to find some I made my own from scrap wood in the workshop. This worked but has some light leakage. A search on E-Bay located 3 good ones which arrived today. However, whilst a close fit, they were slightly too big – so I have modified the runners at the back of the camera to accommodate these, slightly wider, plate holders. Now they fit snuggly. All chemicals have arrived, along with developing trays, but I am waiting for the tongs to lift the prints into and out of the fluids. My efforts without these were far too messy!

Let the experiments commence ….

  1. One frustration – my #Dremel was doing a great job sanding the slot but then just stopped working – It came apart easily enough and check with a. multimeter identified the speed controller to be faulty. A replacement has been located by a google search – hopefully it will come soon as I have another job waiting for it.

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