• Simon Williams

Orange Sunrise battle over Axbridge

A frosty clear 5:30am – with the promise of mist and cloud developing seemed like a good combination for some atmospheric photography from Kings Wood overlooking Axbridge reservoir and on to Glastonbury Tor.

Car scraped clear of ice and warm layers, hat and gloves – a short drive to then climb the  hill through Kings Wood above Winscombe. A hint of colour on the horizon seemed to be waiting for the cloud encroaching from the North to obliterate the view. Then for 15 minutes as the sun rose over the Mendips and the clouds rolled over the same hills the battle of light and dark ensued. Dark clouds blocking the sun eventually, but not before I had enjoyed and photographed the spectacle.

As always – images are available for purchase as digital files at £10 each or as mounted A4 prints – £25, or larger sizes – up to 100cm on foamex board (100cm on the longest side costs £100 unframed, £150 framed – not glazed).


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