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Still learning – paper negatives

The sky looked promising for clouds above the old Birnbeck Pier, so I took my 1900s Thornton Pickard Imperial camera (Image size 8.5×6.5 inches) loaded with Ilford RC IV paper. So the first image here is an exposure of 3 seconds on F16. The paper behaving as ISO 2.

I wanted to blur the motion of the estuary water as it rushed under the pier on the tide. To do this I thought I’d use a “stopper” ND1000 filter. I metered for the light through the filter and exposed accordingly. However the image came out very under exposed so the filter is dramatically stopping the UV/Blue light needed to darken the othorchromatic photographic paper. The image below uses a graduated ND filter, but shows some strange light leaks – this needs investigation!

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