• Simon Williams

Success every time!

I’ve cracked it! Using acetone to transfer laserprint onto aluminium plate ready for #etching. Plates on the left in this photo the peeled-off prints on the right. What made the difference to getting success every time?

1. Preparing the plates with 1200 wet and dry emery paper then a bit of a polish with chrome cleaner – wash off the remains of the chrome cleaner with white Spirit and wipe clean.

2. Pouring the acetone based nail-polish remover (Must contain Isopropyl Alcohol) on the back of the paper rather than onto the plate and pressing the paper onto that.

3. Smoothing and pressing with a bamboo baren and then removing the paper before it has dried and stuck to the plate.


#aluiminium #photoetching #Etching #Printmaking

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