Sliding Box Camera

This is an interesting camera making images that are up to 5”x4”. 

It is made using some Eastman Kodak parts that include the sliding bellows and the sprung plate-holder. The quality of the woodwork suggests this is manufactured rather than being a one-off “shed work” model. Experts at Kodak have told me this was not unusual in the early 1900s. The un-named lens that came with it has a continuous aperture adjustment with marked f-stops from f8 to f64. It comes with a Thornton Pickard roller shutter. These shutters could be purchased separately from a camera and are a common addition to many makes of camera. The original bellows were perished and have been replaced. The plate holders work with sheet film and with glass plates, both wet and dry. The plate holders fit in the box area at the back and are inserted by lifting the rear lid. The viewing screen can been see by opening a door at the rear of the camera and is viewable without the need for a dark cloth. It is a clever, very portable camera from c1905.