Thornton Pickard Imperial Camera

This is my "out and about" camera

It is a Thornton Pickard Imperial 
full plate 8.5x6.5" bellows triple extending field camera with a roller shutter and Beck symmetrical lens (f8 to f64)

It came to me with two double dark slides, I have since added five more to give me 14 shots before I need to re-load.

The Imperial Triple Extension camera was manufactured by the Thornton-Pickard company from approximately 1903 to 1925. Designed with an improved three brass bar front that provides considerable strength without an increase in weight. Featuring a triple extension front that can extend 22 inches on the half plate. An extra wide camera front for mounting lens, real leather bellows, spring automatic locking catches to camera front, independent rising, falling and cross front with automatic stop, triple swing back. Fitted with a Beck Symmetrical lens, T-P Plantoplanat, or a T-P Rectoplanat lens and a T-P instantaneous shutter with speed indicator. Made in quarter plate, post card, half plate, 7 x 5 inches, whole plate, 10 x 8, and 12 x 10 inch size.