Pinhole Camera workshop


Clevedon Craft Centre - Court Lane




Available workshops

Mon 31st May 2021

Wed 2nd June 2021

Fri 4th June 2021

10:00-12:30  6 places

10:00-12:30  6 places

10:00-12:30  6 places

The Half-Term Pinhole Camera Experience


  • Make your own working camera and use it to make your own photographic negative. 


  • Design your own shutter mechanism, make a tiny pinhole “lens” and learn how to choose the correct exposure time.


  • Choose what to photograph and make the exposure.


  • You’ll then have the excitement of watching that negative develop to form the image, something you’ll never forget!


  • Learn how to make a positive print from your negative, mount it in a frame to take home.

  • Learn how the first photographers made cameras work along with light and chemistry to create images.


Take home; 

The experience! 

Photographs with a photo mount

Working model “camera”

Learning in Physics, Chemistry and History with memory notes.


Suitable for young people aged 10 and upwards who are able to work independently or with an accompanying adult. 



Simon Williams is a retired Science teacher (Priory, Churchill and Kings of Wessex) now Artist Photographer ( based in Studio3 here at Clevedon Craft Centre.

Assisted by Caroline Williams also a qualified teacher and an experienced maker of crafts with children. 



We are following all current Government COVID Guidelines.
We provide hand sanitiser and are limiting the size of the workshop to 6 participants.
Any accompanying adults will need to wear face coverings inside the workshop.

Eye protection and gloves are provided for working with the wet photographs. 

Caroline is a trained first aider.

Both tutors have current DBS checks through Locking Castle Church. 


The workshop room at Clevedon Craft Centre is up a set of stairs and cannot be accessed by those with limited mobility.

However this workshop will be run again in August in Cheddar at the Arts Quarter which is a ground-floor venue. 

Book here: Cost is  £15 per participant (A child and adult helper, if needed, is one participant)

Payment information will be sent on receipt of your booking request

Thank you for your reservation.Payment info. will be emailed to you
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